Project Work: “Who’s who in the 1920s in USA”

In this project you will be showing the innovations and significant literary, artistic, athletic and political people and events in U.S. History. You will choose a famous 1920’s person and present their biography. You will present this person’s life story including their impact on the United States. 

This project will have two parts:

  1. Oral presentations.
  2. Twitter Event.

Next class I’ll tell you the requirements and organization of both, but now you need to choose your famous person. Here is a list with suggestions, but you can choose any other. Once you choose it, please, write it as a comment in this post, so celebrities are not repeated… On Friday we’ll work on this…




Possible People To Research:


Glenna Collett- Golf

– Lou Gehrig- Baseball

– Jim Thorpe- Football

– Ty Cobb- Baseball

– Jack Dempsey- Boxer

– Gertrude Ederle- SwimmerÇ

– Andrew “Rube” Foster- Baseball

– Helen Wills- Tennis

– Babe Ruth- Baseball

– Gene Tunney- Boxer



– Bessie Smith- Singer

– Georgia O’Keeffe- Painter

– Louis Armstrong- Musician

– “Duke” Ellington- Musician

– George Gershwin- Composer

– Bessie Smith- Singer

-Rudolph Valentino- Dancer

-Walt Disney- Cartoonist

-Joan Crawford- Dancer

– Bing Crosby- Singer

– Charlie Chaplin- Actor



– Harding

– Wilson

– Coolidge

– Hoover



– Zelda Fitzgerald

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

– Ernest Hemingway

-Claude McKay

– Langston Hughes



– Billy Sunday- Evangelist

– Al Capone- Gangster

-Ohio Boys- Political Thieves

– Flappers

– Bootleggers

– Henry Ford- Business Man

– Automobiles

– Charles Lindbergh- Pilot

– Coco Chanel- Designer

-Amelia Earhart- Pilot

– John T. Scoops- Teacher

– James W. Johnson- NAACP

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