Jacobins and Girondins

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This is the group assignment on Jacobins and Girondins you need to prepare for next class (Friday, 16th).

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Group 1: Jacobins

Allende, Bernusi, Bravo, Castagnino, Claps, Costamagna, Donato, Frias, Giambruni and Kenny.

Group 2: Girondins

Lupi, Millán, Montoya, Okecki, Posse, Quiroga, Reynal, Stordeur, Subira, Tasca and Torrendel.

Tasks: (per group) They will be carried out in this order:

  1. 4 students prepare an oral presentation about the group you got and their leader (Include visual/media support)
  2. 2 students prepare a poster to display in the classroom with information about the group you got (similar to the oral presentations).
  3. 1 student finds a speech by the group or their leader (if you can’t find one or you feel like, you can write your own) and deliver it in class as if you were that French revolutionary.
  4. 3 or 4 students choose a famous Girondin/Jacobin and do research on their lives. In class, you will impersonate that revolutionary and introduce yourself briefly (You can bring costumes or props). Then, both groups will engage in a debate: I will give you topics. You will have to brainstorm ideas together and then deliver your answers impersonating your characters (as if you were in a session of the National Assembly, for instance). You will have the chance to ask or answer back to the other group.

Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any doubt.




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