The Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany

Check out this video that summarizes both The Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany

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Depression and Hyperinflation

Find in this video the explanation to these two economic processes that USA and Germany suffered in the Interwar years.

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Term Test Specifications

Dear all,

As promised, I’m sending you the details of the Term Test.

It will have two parts:

1) Select TWO questions out of THREE.
These will be factual questions that may seem simple but need to be answered fully. (For example: How was the Enlightenment a cause of the French Revolution?)

2) An essay question that involves analysis. (For example: Discuss the view that the Storming of the Bastille was the most important event in the French Revolution)

Hope this was clear.

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The Roaring 20s

Dear all,

In this video you’ll find a summary of the USA in the 1920s. You may find it useful as a revision of the unit.

See you!




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Term Test Specifications

Hi There!

As promised I’ll give you a couple of examples of what the term test will be like.

You’ll have to answer 2 (TWO) questions, out of a selection of 4.

Each question has 3 parts: A) is a “What” question,

B) is a “Why” question and

C) is an analysis question that you need to answer in essay form.

These two questions you choose will have to be ONE from Section A (The League of Nations OR The Treaty of Versailles) and ONE from Section B (The US in the 1920s).

For example:
a) What was the New Deal?
b) Why did businessmen oppose it?
c) “The New Deal did nothing to solve the economic crisis”. How far do you agree with this statement? Explain

Hope this was clear. You can ask me anything you need next class.



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The Wall Street Crash

Hi everyone!

Below you’ll find a video summarizing how the stock market works, in case anyone has doubts.

Also, I’d like you to watch this video that explains The Wall Street Crash in a nutshell.

See you soon!


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Railway networks

Hello Senior IV!

This is our last virtual period…

In it, you have to do some research on the development of the railway network in Argentina (as influenced by the English) in the 1800. Provide also a map of the network at the time. (You can/should establish a comparison with the network nowadays and/or with the network in England in the 1800).

Your due date is: Wednesday, 22nd.



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Nazi Germany

Find attached the video we watched in class. It may help you study for the test. (Concentrate especially on the first 5 minutes)

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Film: “Marie Antoinette”

This is a double virtual period, so your deadline is: October, 13th.

Finish watching the movie “Marie Antoinette”, by Sofia Coppola. (The link was provided by Alina in your Facebook group).

Then, answer the following questions and post them in your blogs:

  1. Marie Antoinette is sometimes referred to as “The Teenage Queen”. What attitudes in the movie can show that?
  2. After her first child is born she shows many changes in her attitude and lifestyle. How? Provide examples. Why do you think that happens?
  3. Some historians have often suggested that Marie Antoinette’s behaviour helped encourage agitation in the people at the beginning of the Revolution. Can you find any instances in the movie that confirm or deny this claim?
  4. Towards the end of the movie, we see a more mature woman. How does she show she has somehow stopped being “The Teenage Queen”?
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End-of-the unit Assignment

Here are the questions you need to answer for the assignment. (Due date: September, 29th)

  1. Why was napoleon able to rise to power by 1799?
  2. What does Napoleon’s rise to power say about the weaknesses of the French Revolution?
  3. “Napoleon’s domestic policies did more to increase his power than extend liberty in France”. How far do you agree with this claim?
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