Storify Twitter Event


As promised, here goes the link to the storify of our Twitter Event.



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Term Test Specifications

Hi There!

As promised I’ll give you a couple of examples of what the term test will be like.

You’ll have to answer 2 (TWO) questions, out of a selection of 4.

Each question has 3 parts: A) is a “What” question,

B) is a “Why” question and

C) is an analysis question that you need to answer in essay form.

These two questions you choose will have to be ONE from Section A (The League of Nations or The Treaty of Versailles) and ONE from Section B (The US in the 1920s. The Wall Street Crash is left out of this test).

For example:

Section A: You choose EITHER 1 OR 2

  1. The League of Nations in theory was strong but in practice was weak

(a) Describe the work of the Lytton Commission. [4]

(b) Why did Japan invade Manchuria? [6]

(c) Which was the more important cause of the failure of the League: its organisation or its

membership? Explain your answer.

2. The Versailles Settlement resulted from discussions between the victorious countries.

(a) What was decided about the Saar in the Treaty of Versailles? [4]

(b) Why was the Treaty of Sèvres renegotiated? [6]

(c) ‘The Germans had genuine grounds for complaint about the Treaty of Versailles.’ How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. [10]

Section B: You Choose EITHER 1 OR 2

  1. The 1920s brought a change in lifestyle for some Americans.

(a) What was the Sacco and Vanzetti case? [4]

(b) Why did the popularity of radio increase in 1920s America? [6]

(c) ‘Prohibition was introduced because the drinking of alcohol brought social problems.’ How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. [10]

2. The 1920s was a time of change for many Americans.

(a) Describe the main changes in popular entertainment in the 1920s. [4]

(b) Why did some people disapprove of the flappers in the 1920s? [6]

(c) ‘Prohibition had a greater impact on American society in the 1920s than racial intolerance.’ How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer. [10]


Hope this was clear. You can ask me anything you need next class.



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Term Assignment


Hi Everyone!

This is the pdf in which you will find the sources to do your term assignment. Remember the due date is June, 2nd.




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The Wall Street Crash

Hi everyone!

Below you’ll find a video summarizing how the stock market works, in case anyone has doubts.

Also, I’d like you to watch this video before our lesson next Friday that explains The Wall Street Crash in a nutshell. This is specially important for the ones who were absent, since this is the topic we studied today.

See you soon!


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History Twitter Event! FRIDAY, MAY 12TH :)

WHO? Senior 2 + Anyone willing to take part!

Date: Friday May 12th

Time: 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Hashtag: #lcusa20s



Be online at 2.30pm on Tweetchat following #lcusa20s connected with your Twitter user. Remember that your Twitter account MUST be public for the event. You can make it public for 60′ and then change to the previous status.

Every 15 minutes there will be a new task tweeted for you to complete in a tweet.

If your tweets need more than 140 characters you can use twitlonger BUT always remember to write the #lcusa20s hashtag because if you don’t we will not see your tweets.

TASK #1:

a. Change your present Avatar in Twitter for a picture of your character and also change your Twitter user name for one for your character. If you’re using your usual twitter account and not a special one for school, you can twit that from 2.30 to 3.30 you will be doing an assignment for school and that when it finishes you will go back to “normal”.

b. Introduce yourself giving your full name, explaining what you do (your job) and how old you are. (It’s 1925)


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The Beginning of the Revolution

Hi everyone!

Today we discussed “The Flight to Varennes”. Here is a video for the ones who were absent and for you to revise it for next week.

Also, the task for this week is to prepare a timeline with the main events of the Revolution from the Estates General in 1789 to The Flight to Varennes in 1791. The deadline is, as always, next week (May, 12th) at noon.

Remember that next week you will have a test on the start of the revolution up the The Flight to Varennes (book pages 11 to 18). This will be in the form of an essay.

Have a nice weekend!


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The Storming of the Bastille

Dear students,

This is the activity of the week:

Imagine you are a French citizen who was involved in the storming of the Bastille. Later that night, write your diary entry, explaining what happened (from your viewpoint) and expressing your fears, wishes, hopes for the future, etc. Be as creative as possible in finding a voice for that character to make it sound realistic.

You can help yourselves by reading the text on page 13 of the book.

The activity should be posted on your blogs by May, 5th.

Have a nice weekend!


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Project Work: “Who’s who in the 1920s in USA”

In this project you will be showing the innovations and significant literary, artistic, athletic and political people and events in U.S. History. You will choose a famous 1920’s person and present their biography. You will present this person’s life story including their impact on the United States. 

This project will have two parts:

  1. Oral presentations.
  2. Twitter Event.

Next class I’ll tell you the requirements and organization of both, but now you need to choose your famous person. Here is a list with suggestions, but you can choose any other. Once you choose it, please, write it as a comment in this post, so celebrities are not repeated… On Friday we’ll work on this…




Possible People To Research:


Glenna Collett- Golf

– Lou Gehrig- Baseball

– Jim Thorpe- Football

– Ty Cobb- Baseball

– Jack Dempsey- Boxer

– Gertrude Ederle- SwimmerÇ

– Andrew “Rube” Foster- Baseball

– Helen Wills- Tennis

– Babe Ruth- Baseball

– Gene Tunney- Boxer



– Bessie Smith- Singer

– Georgia O’Keeffe- Painter

– Louis Armstrong- Musician

– “Duke” Ellington- Musician

– George Gershwin- Composer

– Bessie Smith- Singer

-Rudolph Valentino- Dancer

-Walt Disney- Cartoonist

-Joan Crawford- Dancer

– Bing Crosby- Singer

– Charlie Chaplin- Actor



– Harding

– Wilson

– Coolidge

– Hoover



– Zelda Fitzgerald

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

– Ernest Hemingway

-Claude McKay

– Langston Hughes



– Billy Sunday- Evangelist

– Al Capone- Gangster

-Ohio Boys- Political Thieves

– Flappers

– Bootleggers

– Henry Ford- Business Man

– Automobiles

– Charles Lindbergh- Pilot

– Coco Chanel- Designer

-Amelia Earhart- Pilot

– John T. Scoops- Teacher

– James W. Johnson- NAACP

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Causes of the French Revolution

Dear all,

This is your virtual period of the week.

To integrate the work we’ve been doing on the causes of the French Revolution, you have to draw a diagram relating all the long and short-term causes we studied. You should also rank them according to how important you think they were in the development of the revolution (you can do this in the same diagram or separately). Upload this  in your blogs by April, 28th.

You can help yourselves by watching this video:




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The Roaring 20s

Dear all,

In this video you’ll find a summary of the USA in the 1920s. You may find it useful as a revision of the unit. Remember we are having our test on Tuesday, 25th.

See you!




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